The signs of summer are upon us.  There are birds singing, the fresh green of new leaves fluttering in the wind on the trees, and the flowers coming into bloom in between rain and sunshine.  Traditionally, in Ottawa, June is a wet month, making way for a bountiful growing season.  This year we also experienced a great deal of rain and some incredibly warm days in May that contributed to the full bloom of tulips for the tulip festival.  


My friend, Petra and her daughter, Luisa have birthdays in June, four days apart.  One day while Skyping with Petra little Miss Luisa was in the background moving from one activity to another with great joy and a lot of chatter.  Thus, the book, The Creative World of Mistress Luisa was born.

I bound the book in yellow Merino wool and added some braided pieces on the edge, just for fun.  The book is coptic bound. 

I hand-dyed the papers first and then used a stencil for the cover title.  Since my friends are in Germany, I wrote …


I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs and spinning my tires, 

I was sipping hot chocolate and revvvvvving my engine; 

whistling to music on the radio and thinking about what I wanted to do, 

I looked out through the looking glass and decided to do some marbling.  It became a Suminagashi Saturday.

I decided to work in blue on Japanese paper.  I'm quite happy with the results.  
In 2016 I wrote a list of the different materials I wanted to experiment with for book covers. One was wool felt and the other was acrylic.  I finally found a good source for the wool felt and  I recently located the acrylic at the local art store.  Prior to finding my wool felt source, I experimented with a placemat made from synthetic felt.  I created my first two journals out of it and decided wool felt was the next step.  
Synthetic Felt Journal Cover
I appliqu├ęd leather designs onto the front cover and added brass corners to the front and back covers.  It has a lovely textur…