We are on the downside of summer, soon the leaves will be painting the days with their changing colours. The air will gently move into a cooler zone and the days will get shorter and the nights longer.  However, bookmaking is a constant adventure in experimenting, playing and creating for me, regardless of the season.   SKINNY DIPPING Skinning Dipping is a tunnel book I created from left over pieces from other projects.   WORKS ON PAPER  I saw a beautiful mosaic floor in a movie I was watching and this inspired me to play with some patterns on paper.  I believe a new book will be in the making dedicated to patterns. I used water colours and ink for each piece.   TO DREAM A while ago I created a book Dream Rooms.  The follow-up to that book was a book called To Dream.  These are the doorways one enters from the awake world to the dream world.  I have donated this book to Maya Lopez Muro's archive at studio d'arte II, in Italy.  The cover has a photo of a full moon among the cl