Art, Science and Craftsmanship

I recently attended a workshop that introduced me to new techniques to use in my book making practice.  The above image is the outcome of the workshop: a combination of collage, ink and appliqué.  It was great fun learning in a creative space, with 19 other creative people.   MY GIFT TO YOU  The new techniques got my creative juices flowing.  I find peoples' hands can be quite beautiful.  I thought about how we use our hands and what we convey with them, either through gestures or through giving.  This piece is inspired by the gift of love that is given from one individual to another.  I created a three-sided box for this piece.  I covered it with a beautiful chiyogami paper.   When turned around the open space is exposed with the images inside.   Removing and opening the center piece there are a pair of raised hands around a raised heart.  The background for each section is water colour and ink.  Each hand is done with graphite and coloured with water colour and ink.   ART AND SCI

All About Words, A Star and A Bestiary

Summer is upon us. Sunshine, rain and birds singing.  Green grass, cumulus clouds, art fairs, and so much more.   In this post I have created a new book all about one word, a word I loathe. I created a star for a poem I wrote while visiting my favourite coffee shop, made new book covers with cold wax and oil paints and had fun making a new bestiary book.   ONE LITTLE WORD  I created this book, not to be obscene, but because it is obscene, vulgar, crude, common, and much more.  I created it because the thought has been running around my brain for at least a year and the idea of the book grew each time I heard this ugly little word spoken. For those who find this book offensive, I offer no apology, and ask that you make an effort to ban this word from the English language.  It is so pervasive and affects almost every aspect of life.   This is the envelop for the book.  I illuminated the letters using water colours and ink.   This is the cover of the book and the first letter F.  It is a