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I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs and spinning my tires,  I was sipping hot chocolate and revvvvvving my engine;  whistling to music on the radio and thinking about what I wanted to do,  I looked out through the looking glass and decided to do some marbling.  It became a Suminagashi Saturday. I decided to work in blue on Japanese paper.  I'm quite happy with the results.   NEW MATERIALS INTO NEW JOURNALS   In 2016 I wrote a list of the different materials I wanted to experiment with for book covers. One was wool felt and the other was acrylic.  I finally found a good source for the wool felt and  I recently located the acrylic at the local art store.  Prior to finding my wool felt source, I experimented with a placemat made from synthetic felt.  I created my first two journals out of it and decided wool felt was the next step.   Synthetic Felt Journal Cover I appliqu├ęd leather designs onto the front cover and a