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Photograph Books, Playing with Paper and Fairy Tales and Community

Ever since I traded my wool carpet for a camera, I have been finding different ways to take photos and experiment with how I may use those photos.  Above are a couple of 'Rockers' that I created from playing with a dinner plate and a piece of paper.  I folded, did some paper cutting and then took some photos to see if they could be displayed within the rockers.  It worked. They are called rockers because they rock back and forth. Since that time I have participated in a couple of photographic projects.  The first was with Ginger Burrell and her photographic dialogue.  The second and most recent one was with my friend in Germany.  We started the project in early 2020.  One of us chose a topic to photograph and we alternated with topics up to 40 photos.  After the first 20 we bound them into a book and exchanged the books.  We didn't share our pictures until we had the other's book in hand.  It was very interesting to see the different interpretation of each topic.  The f