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Spring Clean-up and New Creations

Spring is around the corner, regardless of the snow that fell last evening, leaving a white blanket on the ground.  It is that space between the seasons where it is not winter and not yet spring.  We all wait with baited breath and every little whiff of spring makes our spirits rise and revs our internal engines.  And so it is time to clean-up the work space and create something new.   CLEAN-UP PIECES  While creating, all the little left-over pieces end up in a pile on the table.  They get shuffled back and forth while I am creating something new or trying out a new technique. Finally, the pile became unmanageable and I attacked it with a frenzy, twisting, cutting, folding and gluing.  Here are some of those clean-up pieces:  A little abstract drawing    Paste paper over graphic board for the cover  RECYCLED SUMINAGASHI:  I found some new paper and wanted to try it out with suminagashi marbling.  I think the paper had some sizing in it, because the suminagashi ink just ran off the page