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Playing: Music, Medieval Times and Shapes

  I finished 2021 with finesse.  I created a book around a piece of music by Joni Mitchell.  She is one of Canada's greatest musical storytellers.  The song I chose is called, Both Sides Now.   BOTH SIDES NOW  Both Sides Now is a song about life.  Joni Mitchell takes us through life as she experienced it.  I decided to create this book using the pochoir technique.  The front and back covers have two masks on them, which is a representation of Jean Lambert Rucki's, ' Double Mask' sculpture, and paste paper.  T  Front Cover  Back Cover  I spent a lot of time creating and cutting out stencils for this book.  It was an incredibly satisfying creative process.  There are twenty-four pages of Fabriano watercolour paper.  The cover page is a combination of lettering and paper cutting.   Cover Page  Rows and rows of angel hair  And ice cream castles in the air  And feather canyons everywhere I looked at clouds that way  But now they only block the sun  They rain and snow on ever