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Spring has arrived, on the calendar, anyway.  In the city, we are still experiencing the frothy flurries from Old Man Winter.  Mistress Spring has not made her big entrance, although she has seeped into the edges of some days with her warmth and beautiful sunshine.  I have taken up the call of the printing press and entered a class to learn printmaking.  These techniques will be a beautiful addition to my bookmaking.   NEW ARTIST BOOK: Symbiosis  This book has been influenced by the milkweed plant and the importance of its relationship to the monarch butterfly.   There is a symbiotic relationship between the Monarch butterfly and milkweed plant.   They share similar biological elements. In their life cycle, each has a pod which nurtures and transforms egg and seed to full maturation. Silken threads securely wrap the caterpillar in the Chrysalis allowing transformation to butterfly. The seeds of the milkweed are attached to silky threads that assist in their flight