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Virtue : Behaviour showing high moral standards; a quality considered morally good or desirable in a person; a good or useful quality of a thing.   I wasn't looking for virtue when I found it while walking down Sussex Drive.  I looked up through the pouring rain and found it stuck to an office door.  So if you're looking for virtue and are unsure where to find it, it's located on the second floor of an office building on Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Good luck!  ILLUMINATION  I continue with the illumination class - only two more to go.  It has been a great experience and a very creative one.  Once finished and I start to think about different kinds of projects I want to incorporate these techniques into, I'm sure my imagination will take off.   This M, for moon, is a replica from a 1521 L'Arte Della Stampa, Ventiis per loannem Antonium.  A set of illuminated letters for manuscripts.   Working with White  We practiced workin