City Under Ice 

Rain enters the city, freezing
attaching itself to everything it touches 
Power lines stretch 
with the frozen weight 
Optical illusions are seen 
through its thickness, as
Humans slip, slide, stumble and crash
on its slick surface
Cars move with unprecedented slowness, and 
Rain and wind partner
to propel its freezing clutch onward 
into the city centre 
leaving everything under a layer 
of finely sculpted ice.

Mary Kritz , April 16, 2018 

The city is cloaked in a layer of ice and I decided it was time to create a new post for the blog.  It has been a while, so here goes: 

Montebello Trade Show 

At the end of March I participated in a trade show at the Chateau Montebello in Montebello, Quebec.  This is one of the old CN/CP hotels which is now part of the Fairmont Hotel chain. It is a rustic wooden log structure hotel.  Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a large, 5 sided fireplace, which is beautiful.  

Main Entrance 

Main floor lobby 

Chimney of the large fireplace 

One of the fireplaces 

Two more fireplaces 

Rafters that can be seen from the dining room on the lower level 

Dining Room 

I was on the main level outside the meeting rooms.  My table was located right next to a big, beautiful stone fireplace. 


A couple of months ago, I bought a book of contemporary poetry by Atticus, called Love Her Wild.  The poetry is written in three sections: love, her and wild and the last poem in the book is called Love Her Wild.  I created an artist book with this poem and set my hand to some drawing that was not abstract.  It's an accordion book with a hard cover and quite long, so I  photographed it in sections. 


I had the good fortune to be able to exhibit my work in the large showcase, on the main floor, at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa during February and March of this year.  

I made the signage, a couple of years ago, for an exhibit.  I dyed the paper and did some paper cutting on the edges and then letter press for the lettering. 

This book is from my solo exhibit called, 'A Show of Hands'. It was for visitors to write  their comments in, about the exhibit.

This was an interactive piece where visitors were invited to create mini-stories with the words and re-arrange the hands in the staircase.   It is acrylic and I shaped the hands into gestures that are commonly used. 

This artist book is called, 'Water'.  The cover is stained glass and some pages are marbled and other pages are laminated roasted sea weed with photographs of water.  Water is personified and the text was done by letter press. 

In the journal section, I had this carved acrylic covered journal and a maple wood covered journal.

This journal has a carved aluminum cover and the interior fly leaves are paper cut and backed with a decorative paper. 

This is a selection of journals on display. 

These are two boxes.  The larger one is a Japanese puzzle box.  The two sections that are opened are called 'confined' and 'concealed' and the closed section is called 
'collection'.  The smaller box is for a miniature book called, 'Butterfly Landscapes', which can be seen with the Artist Books sign.  It is just over 1inch in height.  


I created some new cards over the last couple of months from a variety of left over papers, from other projects. 

These little ladies made their appearance at the end of my pens.  It was very interesting and I have started a series of them.  These two are small gift cards.  I used water colour paint to colour them.  When I discovered these vibrant water colours, I took out the cards I had previously drawn and painted them.  


I purchased some new felt from a local alpaca farmer.  The felt is alpaca with strands of silk and backed with Merino wool felt.  The buttons are by a Quebec artist.  

This journal is alpaca and merino wool felt with a horn and sea shell closure.  The tie is braided thread.  

Next Event 

May 5th:  I'll be at the New Edinburgh Square Retirement Residence, from 9:00 to 2:00 pm, with other artists, selling our artistry.  This event is hosted by the Beechwood Farmer's Market.  If you are in the neighbourhood, stop in and say hello. 

Wishing you all warm spring sunshine and flowers bursting forth from the soil. 

If you have any questions about my work, contact me at: I will be happy to hear from you. 

Warm regards, 



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