Spring has finally arrived and with it the flora has burst through the soil, and sprouted on the limbs of trees.  The tulip festival at the end of May is the celebration that brings us into summer in Ottawa.  Everywhere one looks tulip blooms are seen on the landscape: colours, hybrids and soft petals surrounded by lush greenery.  

The sun also invited me outdoors to play, so I grabbed my camera and chased shadows, revelled in the colours of spring and marvelled at the many shades of green waving at the robin blue skies.  


The beautiful weather also brings out the cyclists.  The city is becoming more bicycle friendly, adding bike lanes along busy thoroughfares.  The shadows were wonderfully distinct on this bright day.  


I walked around the city and took pictures that I found interesting.  I walked over to the Alexandra Bridge, (one of the bridges that joins Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec).  I like to stand on the bridge and smell the water and feel the wind on my face.  

Part of the bridge is designated for pedestrians and adjoining that is a designated area for cyclists.  

I met Roman and his two female companions.  He was fascinated with the spinning of the cyclists' wheels. 

Ottawa River suminagashi.  The current is strong in this area of the river and a lot of eddies are created which contributes to this suminagashi marbled design on the water. 

The parliament buildings are another beautiful sight from the deck of the Alexandra bridge.  

Leaving the Alexandra Bridge I walked up to the National Gallery of Canada.  The sun was creating some beautiful shadows along the surface of the building.  

The grates around the building offered some interesting visuals to photograph. 

The weathering of the cement pillars left images open to interpretation.  What do you see? 

I headed over to a little gallery on the other side of the street and found the gallery was now a refreshment stand and pub-very pleasant.  The breeze floated around the chairs and table umbrellas while jazz beats wafted through the air inviting me to get up and dance.  Only my feet were moving to the rhythm.  


I found the day very inspiring and my built up creativity was looking for an outlet.  I recently found some beautifully vibrant paints to work with, so my pen went to work and then the paint brush.  I also took out some of my older drawings and painted them too. 


 From the Mysterious Water Underworld 

 I marbled this paper first, created the drawing and then painted it 


Dragon Flight  
This is another piece that I marbled first and then painted  

Thoughts of Nature 




Garden Guardian 


Spring Flowers 

 Thinking of You 

Shopping Trip 

 Nature Walk 



Lately people have been appearing at the end of my pencil and drawing pens.  I call my latest drawings, the sweetheart series.  I drew a heart and these faces appeared.  All great fun and surprising to me.  Some of them are greeting cards, one is done on a piece of green marbled paper and others are postcard cards.  


Some new designs on my cards which were influenced by a picture I drew quite a while ago.  

The warm weather continues to linger and renew our memories of summers past.  I love the lushness of spring, watching everything come to life again and seeing the splash of colours everywhere I look.  It's like taking a big breath of fresh air.  

I'm working on a couple of artist books, but they're not ready to share yet.  

Wishing you all a wonderful spring and relaxing summer.  

If you have any questions about my work, feel free to contact me at: 

Until next time...wishing you the blush of a morning sunrise, happy days filled with sunshine,  the cleansing of warm spring rains, and the mellowing of dusk as your days end. 


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