It is at that point, when we sit down in our seat, that our journey begins and we have time to reflect on whatever is foremost in our minds.  My thoughts go to new creations and it turns out they were both about travel.  


This artist book was inspired by a number of e-mails I received.  The e-mails came to me in spurts as the sender worked through her thoughts.  Thus the Train of Thoughts book was conceived.  I used the thoughts of 16th century philosopher, Michel de Montaigne, which are still relevant in today's world. 

I marbled some paper with a new combination of earthy colours and used them for the cover of the book. 

The engine is the front page of the book and I used some of the marbled paper in the cow catcher. 

The Train of Thoughts pulling out of the station.

There are four cars in the train and a quote in each car.  The book measures 5 7/8 x 7 1/4 x 1/2 inches/15 x 18.4 x 1.5 cm when closed and 5 7/8 x 70/15 x 177 cm when opened flat. 


My little friend, Luisa has added another year to her life, making it 4 now.  Once again, I was inspired by the pictures her mom sent me, and the book, 'The Adventures of Mistress Luisa' was created. 

I found this fabulous hot air balloon paper for the cover and it helped direct her mode of travel in the book. The book is written in English and German.  Her mom, Petra, was Luisa's travelling companion and translator of the story. 

Mistress Luisa and Mama Petra decided it was time for a new adventure. Fraeulein Luisa und Mama Petra haben entschieden, dass es Zeit fuer ein neues Abenteuer ist. Mistress Luisa did her happy dance. Fraeulein Luisa macht ihren Freudentanz. 

They talked to the lady with the umbrella who told them the weather would be good. Sie sprechen mit der Dame mit dem Regenschirm, die ihnen sagt, dass das Wetter gut wird. 

Then they went to see the wise woman who said they would travel far and see many interesting things. Sie haben die weise Frau besucht, die ihnen gesagt hat, dass sie weit reisen werden und viele interessante Dinge sehen werden. 

They boarded their hot air balloon and went to the mountains where Mistress Luisa talked with the goats and looked out over the snow-capped mountains. Sie gingen an Bord ihres Heissluftballons und fuhren zu den Bergen, wo Fraeulein Luisa mit den Ziegen gesprochen hat und sie auf die schneebedeckten Berge geschaut haben. 

Together, they made a couple of snow people and named them Hilda and Hans. Zusammen haben sie ein Schneefigurenpaerchen gemacht und sie Hilda und Hans genannt. 

They climbed aboard their balloon and flew away from the mountains. Stopping at a park, Mistress Luisa ran around the pond and talked to the ducks. They told her to fly south where it was warmer. Sie stiegen wieder in ihren Ballon und flogen weg von den Bergen. Sie hielten an einem Park. Fraeulein Luisa lief um den Teich und sprach mit den Enten. Sie sagten ihr, sie solle gen Sueden fliegen, wo es waermer ist.  Mistress Luisa and Mama Petra set a course for the south and flew away in their hot air balloon. Fraeulein Luisa und Mama Petra setzten Kurs in Richtung Sueden und flogen in ihrem Heissluftballon davon. 

Arriving in the south land, Luisa made a dandelion fluff wish. She spoke to Missy Fieldmouse who told her to swim in the warm waters of Oma Lake. Im Sueden angekommen, machte Luisa einen Pusteblumenwunsch. Sie sprach mit Madame Feldmaus, die ihr sagte, sie solle im warmen Wasser des Omasees schwimmen. 

After her swim, Mistress Luisa and Mama Petra decided to watch the magic parade that was going through the town. Luisa invited her friend, Peter Pan, to join them. Nachdem Schwimmen entschieden Fraeulein Luisa und Mama Petra sich die Zauberparade, die durch die Stadt zog, anzuschauen. Luisa lud ihren Freund Peter Pan ein, sie zu begleiten. 

It was time for them to leave, so they said good-bye to their friends and boarded their hot air balloon. When Mistress Luisa and Mama Petra arrived home, they were changed people. Es war Zeit fuer sie abzureisen. Also sagten sie auf Wiedersehen zu ihren Freunden und gingen an Bord ihres Heissluftballons. Als Fraeulein Luisa und Mama Petra zuhause ankamen, hatten sie sich verändert

And Papa Jerzy was happy to have them home. Und Papa Jerzy was froh, sie wieder zuhause zu haben.


I did some Ebru marbling a couple of weeks ago and really like the colour combinations I put together.  I'm still working on the Spanish wave pattern - with more practice I will get it. 

My marbling pan is a cookie sheet which is smaller than the paper I use, so I end up with these strips.  They are perfect for framing or hanging on their own. 

That's all for now.  Wishing you all a creative summer.  

If you have any questions about my work, I can be contacted at: 



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