Happy autumn.  Tis the season of the great big pumpkin. 

 Pumpkins, witches, warlocks, goblins, bats and cats.  Halloween is just around the corner.  A number of years ago my story rooms and books were accepted for an exhibit.  The theme I worked with was couples.  I chose a number of different couples: The Divine Diva and the Confirmed Bachelor, Venus Fly Trap and the Fly, and more.  The one above I called, The Witch and her Cat.  The witches book of Spells, Portions and Recipes accompanied the story room. 

One of my students gave me some amate paper from her homeland of Mexico.  It is a bit of a challenge to work with, but the end result is beautiful.  The tactile nature of the paper is very pleasing.  I used it on the case of the book and in the interior.  

I used the green amate to line the case.  This green had the feel of nature in it.  

The book was covered with suede leather with a slice of a geode as part of the closure. 

I seasoned the paper to give it a more authentic look. I drew the alchemy and element symbols and wrote the text.  I hand embossed some of the pages with hibiscus flowers. 

The seven metals of alchemy

the elements 

Alchemy symbols 

Food symbols 

Love spells section 

Potions section 

Title pages 

The Witch's Familiar - Cats  

The seasoned edges of the pages 

The stitched spine 

THE SHAPE OF THINGS: A Play on Words  

During the isolation period of Covid I found myself writing in a journal.  When the journal was full I repurposed it, making paper out of the pages and leaving some pieces of the pages with the words in the paper.  I decided to try some pochoir on the paper.  I created stencils with different shapes and then did a practice run on a smaller piece of paper.  

The practice run:

I used a piece of chiyogami for the cover of the little practice run book. 

the practice run in an accordion format 

The Shape of Things: A Play on Words Book 

A couple of months ago I bought this beautiful red acrylic paint and then used it in the making of paste paper.  It didn't look so bright when I first made it, but as it dried, the vibrant red appeared again.  I used two different patterns on the covers to go along with the theme. 

Front cover 

Back cover 

Each page of this accordion book is different.  I wrote the names of different shapes randomly on the pages and in some places the name matches the shape.  When one looks closely,  words from the journal can be seen on some of the pages. 


I wrote a poem for my mother, just when I was finishing up my Master's degree.  She has passed away now, and I decided to put the poem into a book, accompanied by photographs of flowers, and topiary. The covers are hand embossed with flowers and I added gold ink to the stamens on each flower. The text is hand written in green ink. 

The cover 

The fly leaf 

What is a flower? 
It is a seed 
planted in the heart 
of Mother Earth. 

Why does it grow? 
Because it is 
Watered, warmed and nurtured 
by Her soul. 

What purpose does it have? 
To share its beauty with 
the hurting heart. 
To bring joy to the ones we love 
When we are apart.

How long does it last? 
Forever my love 
For the seed of the memory 
is the gift in 
each and every flower we see. 

Embossed back cover 

Front and back of book envelope - paste paper 


One of my books was accepted for the Delires de Livres exhibit which was to take place in 2020.  Unfortunately it  was postponed due to Covid.  I am happy to report that it will be taking place at "A l'Ecu de France Art Gallery from March 12 to April 10, 2022.  The vernissage will be on March 12 around 11:00 am. 

That's all for now.  I'm doing research for a couple of new books.  

Wishing you all a healthy, happy autumn.  


(All content of this blog is copyrighted.  If you wish to use my photos, contact me and let me know how you want to use them.)   


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